These days, it seems, we no longer have to concern ourselves with distance. Ever since the telephone, in-between has gotten smaller and smaller. But one thing remains important – the places we are.

This glimmering and expansive EP is a testament to the life spent where we are, strange since it was composed in far-flung places: Iceland, Arkansas, New York. During the US premiere of Riceboy Sleeps (curated by Josh for friends Jonsi and Alex), Josh Varnedore and Amman Abbasi (Abbasi Brothers) decided to go to Iceland on a quest to make unique and beautiful music. After recording a few tracks there, they collaborated with Hammock and, before long, a collection of songs were born. Even without these auspicious beginnings, the music stands for itself - great expanses - open, wide and inviting.

To further support these tracks, video director David Altobelli, (Hammock, Arms and Sleepers, M83) lovingly captured the track Leawood's quiet nostalgia perfectly.

FOR FANS OF: Riceboy Sleeps, Hammock, July Skies

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January 25th, 2010

Distributed by:
n5MD ((USA)
Darla (USA)
P*Dis (Japan)