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Reykjavík, Iceland’s Pornopop merge the inventiveness of Kid A-era Radiohead with a distinctly northern sound that’s both comforting and lonely like a cold breath of air on the back of your neck. Brothers Águst and Pétur Einarsson of Pornopop have made the next essential record to come out of Iceland.

Pétur‘s first punk band was called Spírandi baunir released a controversial CD in 1994 titled Óðs manns ævi. (transl. “Madman‘s Life”) Its cover featured the face of Iceland president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson combined with the face of Adolf Hitler. Consequently, no record store in Iceland would sell it, nor would anyone distribute it.

Presently, Pétur sings and plays guitar in Mountain Zero, a four-piece rock band currently recording their first album Flunitrizepam.

Ágúst began his music making in ‘93 in the band Weghevyll, a loud guitar-noise band, and as a keyboardist for the band Soðin fiðla, (transl. “Boiled Violin”) Soðin fiðla released an album named Ástæðan fundin with backing vocals by Sigur Rós’ singer, Jónsi.

In 1996, they began working together in their parents‘ basement, making music with their Roland drum machine and two months later went into late-night sessions in studios all over Reykjavík, recording at nights, sleeping at days. The outcome was the highly acclaimed album Blue which helped them land tour dates with Sigur Rós.

Five years later they began writing music for their next album. This time they used the dB studio owned by friend, Arnar Helgi Aðalsteinsson, from IDM/experimental band Plat (and producer for Ampop, among others) Arnar produced the album And the slow song about the dead calm in your arms.

They have begun working on their third album, which has the working title Christian Girls are Different.