An otherworldy collection of adroitly-crafted pieces of dense, acoustic guitar pickings, mellotron, orchestron, claviola, cello, piano, pedal steel, and voice (Wendy Allen). Delicate and sometimes spooky, Capsules is like the lost soundtrack to a Brothers Quay film, a collection of lovely, brittle compositions viewed through a hazy, antique looking-glass.

1. Glorianders
2. The Drowning Calm
3. Tangle in Delirium
4. Synnøve Skeie
5. Incarnadine
6. Fall Away Into Darkness
7. A Long Fetch Over
8. The Museums of Sleep
9. Crushed Pears
10. Szól a Zene

Halou - Wholeness & Separation

"Each (piece) seems to glimmer out through Victorian lace curtains yellowed and slightly threadbare from age, through shatters of antique crystal goblets dappled with droplets of deep red, through a flaking, clouded gilt mirror, through deep sea greens and azures. Very cinematic... Very recommended. "- AQUARIUS RECORDS

"The album's ten deeply ethereal settings conjure Victorian-styled universes where music boxes, rickety keyboards and strings re-animate the nightmarish current burbling below the surface of the Grimm brothers' folk-tales... The Balustrade Ensemble believes 'listening need not be difficult to be compelling,' and its thoroughly engrossing Capsules is certainly proof of that. "

"A journal of delicate and clandestine reflections of yesteryear where simple elegance abounds... Capsules is the discerning gentleman’s choice, spinning one-handed from sodium vapour streetlamps on the corner of 49. Ethereal and efflorescent, this is the stuff that dreams are made of."

"Mark November 5th in your diaries, for this is the day Dynamophone unleash the lavish steampunk sounds of Capsules upon an unsuspecting music world. Capsules weaves such textural instrumentation, through dark and nostalgic ambiances and leaves an overwhelming feeling of mysticism. Those of you intent in discovering music that shies from contemporary structures will find a lot to love about The Balustrade Ensemble's delicate arrangements."