Behind Us

The second album from Trespassers William (Nettwerk) guitarist Matt Brown, Behind Us, is a beautiful collection of rich shoegaze-ambient, with echo-laced guitar set against an enveloping backdrop of warm textures and looped melody.

1. dissonance
2. what you wanted
3. blankets
4. january
5. west east
6. felt leaves
7. sunnydayafter
8. i wish it was the 90’s
9. last
10. behind us
11. grey<color

Halou - Wholeness & Separation



Rarely does ambient music flow with as much ease as Disinterested’s (a.k.a. Matt Brown) sophomore release. Behind Us is a gorgeous dream of shoegazey drones and echo-laden guitar melodies. It's cinematic, it's melancholy, and it's definitely become our latest stoned-on-bus-at-night soundtrack.

Set to feature several compositions in the Shoegaze-ambient vein, not a million miles from Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd's recent collaboration, "What You Wanted" is lifted from the album and is a delicious taster incorporating a triumphant, euphoric accumulation of blurring ambiance and echo-drenched guitar.

On Behind Us, Trespassers William guitarist Matt Brown dons his Disinterested guise for a second album of gorgeous shoegaze-ambient guitar settings. Though Brown generally works alone, it's telling that one guest is none other than celebrated ‘jazz' guitarist Bill Frisell since Brown, like Frisell, is an innovator open to the sonic possibilities offered by effects pedals and other equipment. How lovely it is to hear the two entwining six-string fragments over a flickering base in the slow-burning meditation “Blankets.” Behind Us is always heavily atmospheric and often melancholy, with “I Wish It Was the 90's,” a pensive setting of graceful guitar peals, perhaps the album's most beautiful piece, though lovely moments of stately grandeur also emerge during “Dissonance” and “What You Wanted.” Some of the material is close in spirit to Manual, whether it be dramatic shoegaze (“Last”) or widescreen ambient (“Behind Us,” “Sunnydayafter”), while the shuddering intro in “January” will remind some listeners of Klimek. Mention should also be made of guest Anna-Lynne Williams whose delicate murmur nicely enhances “Felt Leaves.” If there's one puzzling thing about the project, it's Brown's choice of alias: Behind Us sounds anything but disinterested.-