R/R Coseboom - Beneath Trembling Lanterns

Beneath Trembling Lanterns

A procession of beauty that instills and inspires, 'Beneath Trembling Lanterns' is the lodestar of R/R Coseboom's savvy. Filled with flutter and flow while being lulling and vitalizing all at the same time, the debut album from Halou's very gifted songwriters might just be the prettiest thing you've heard all year. Seven exquisite songs to make up for the rest of life's trespasses. Listen attentively and guard them closely – they're your secret.

1| Hollywood Ending
2| Baby Beating Heart
3| Soft Breasts and Ice Cream
4| Eejit
5| Shopworn
6| Visitor Hummingbird
7| Arrythmia
8| Little Dust Wing
9| These Short Messages

" Far removed from their two other projects - Halou and Invisible Ballet, the Cosebooms, singer Rebecca and producer programmer, Ryan, now embark upon a sonic journey into slumberland. As fans have come to expect from this pair, the music within Beneath Trembling Lanterns defies easy categorization; ambient, chill, soundscape, a guarded yes to all three, but even together those terms don't begin to describe this set.Hazy is a better description, evoking an aural light blue sky streaked with wisps of clouds, forever shimmering and shifting patterns, with an occasional disconcerting, darker gray ribbons of thunder clouds sliding through in the distance. This captures the fragmented bits that comprise the rhythms, as well as the samples, sounds and synths that swirl overhead, all of which almost magically coalesce into the loosely structured pieces, like an impressionist's painting.The synth melodies variously chime, tinkle like music boxes, sweep up majestically, gently ring, quiver, or froth forth in orchestral glory. There's a richness to the tones, but no matter how dense the sounds become, there's a delightful sense of empty spaces, like standing in a flower-carpet meadow surrounded by trees. And in the center lies Rebecca, dreamily staring up at the light pouring down, weaving delicate melodies like dandelion chains through Ryan's intricate backings. On "Baby Beating Heart" she sounds wide awake, almost belting out the lyrics, but on "Soft Breasts and Ice Cream" she tenderly caresses the melody like a sleeping baby. But whether delivering sweet lullabies or more soulful offerings, she always sounds a million miles away, her beautiful vocals making even lines like "26 pounds of cow muck" sound exquisite.After the emotive-riven, dance-driven ecstasies of Halou and Invisible Ballet, the pair deserved some quiet time, and with Lanterns they've offered up a sublime set as an antidote."-ALLMUSIC

"Singer and producer couple Rebecca & Ryan Coseboom have untethered untethered from their more-marketable Halou project for Beneath Trembling Lanterns, an album intimate with the static and electronic dissonance that typifies their sound. Unpackaged from pop conventions, R/R Coseboom is full of edgy drum samples and organic grooves; this is a return to Wiser's drum and orchestra grooves, only intensified. "Arrhythmia," the coda to Wiser, has been reworked into a lush and empassioned track, trading the gentle touch for violent impact. Ryan's tones and synth work is skillful, though heavy. The sound seems to tear at the fabric of melody, and indeed he welcomes the static and feedback as another texture to work with. Rebecca's vocals are given the same work-up, at times, which unifies the sound -- but also distances the listener from the intensity and presence she's brought to the pair's other works. "Shopworn" is perhaps the most satisfying track, heavy beats with a minimum of atonal excentricities. It's hard, however, to consider any of Lantern's tracks in isolation. They're original and raw, engaging and a little punishing. In a good way."

textura.org review