Wholeness + Separation

Dynamophone's re-release of the seminal album from San Francisco's masterful Halou.Thier newest recording, ‘Wholeness and Separation’, has fully realized the delicate balance of organic and electronic that Ryan, Rebecca and Count have coaxed from their minds and hearts. Luxurious strings, atmospheric textures, inventive electronics, and heartfelt vocals stretch this sonic collage across the spectrum of human emotion.

1| Separation
2| Tubefed
3| Honeythief
4| Everything Is OK
5| Morsecode
6| Stonefruit
7| Your Friends
8| The Ratio Of Freckles To Stars
9| Alaska
10| Wholeness
11| Today
12| Hollow Bones
13| I Am Warm
14| Things Stay The Same
“Simply one of the best bands in America”-KEXP radio

“Proving their mastery of electro-organic music, Halou surface again striding light years ahead with their most compelling work yet” -Filter magazine

“At times entrancing, effervescent, rousing, emotive, and ethereal, this trio leaps across musical boundaries with a truly transcendental album.” - All Music Guide

“Five years after its previous release, the San Francisco trio grows into an exquisite sound it can clearly call its own with “Wholeness & Separation.” Much of it comes down to Rebecca Coseboom’s pretty pixie voice -- an instrument she capably uses to strike notes both soft and hard.” - San Francisco Chronicle

“Halou have, on their third offering, managed to
turn out one of the most luxurious sounding albums I’ve heard in a good long while. At times eerie, at others soaring, and always sexy; Wholeness and Separation meshes the organic and the electronic with ease — sporting a production that’s beyond suitable and encroaching on perfection. Smooth, lush, and wide — Halou’s sound is what so many bands of this ilk strive for but fall short of. This is the stuff.” - EQ Magazine