Konntinent | Lonely in the Shallows | June 2009

A new epic from Konntinent, Lonely in the Shallows drifts, moves and shifts seamlessly. Recalling the raw organic beauty of Talk Talk's seminal 'Laughing Stock' and the unrequited emotion of avant composer Harold Budd, Antony Harrsion has succeeded in creating a new palette without the aid of digital instruments and effects. Experimenting with an open ended writing approach, Harrison now presents us with this cathartic and sweeping stroll through internal musings, thoughts and wanderings.  

As a limited editon of 100, the package includes clear liner notes and a individual glass slide from the posthumous works of travel photographer Sam Van Elgort.

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Interview with Konntinent about the making of Lonely in the Shallows

Tell us how this piece came about:
As a composite release - it was almost a happy accident. I'd spent a couple of months obsessisng over a couple of electronic tracks, both very process orientated, both detail intensive and both of which felt more like Math exercises than something enjoyable. On top of that, I'd also just finished some shows in Japan & Berlin and so had only played rehearsed guitar sections since the late summer. In short I hadnt had any fun with music for some time and was getting pretty claustrophobic.

How is thise piece different from your previous material?
On a complete whim I decided to record something I'd written whilst in Japan, with the intent of returning to the sketch at a later date. It proved to be an utterly cathartic process, creative decisions naturally resolving themselves rather than being a deliberated at length. This was also writing without a wider agenda - I wasnt considering context of what might surround the piece and as it naturally expanded in duration, so it was an opportunity to dabble in various rhythmical and timing areas that I might not have otherwise.  In essence, the whole piece came together very fluidly and within only a few days. Revision over the festive period allowed me to address the remaining narrative questions and in less than a month it was finished. All instruments were organic and aside from the actual recording, laptop's were completely excluded from the process.