Halou - Wholeness & Separation

The Sound of Summer Silence

Delicate and moving Danish screengaze, infused with strings, bells, and alluring sirens. Fresh like clear skies and as wistful as a sun-baked memory.

1| At Last
2| Summer Morning
3| A Tree In The Palm Of My Hand
4| Slow Stream
5| The Sound Of Summer Silence
6| Floating Against The Stream
7| Ten One
8| Morning Poem
9| Seconds
10| Broken Fingers

The sincerity and innocence of Po’s music is refreshing, and the absence of irony isn’t unwelcome either, with titles alone telling the album’s story. Crunchy electronic beats, bright filigrees of acoustic guitar, tinkling bells, harp-like strums, cellos all come together in ten folktronic evocations. ...One sometimes hears traces of Manual’s epic grandeur in Po’s music, but the material is surprisingly less derivative than one might have expected. Admittedly, the album distinguishes itself more in the area of textural sound design than compositional writing but nonetheless remains a release that earns its recommendation.- TEXTURA.ORG

...Summer Silence acts as both something to focus attention on and as background soundtrack, and is equally compelling in either setting. If nothing else, this may be the most soothing album to be released in 2007, being an excellent soundtrack to a rainy afternoon, the sunshine in its grooves sure to drive the clouds away. - IGLOOMAG.COM.